Top 5 fun things to do this Christmas holiday

Don’t know how to Flexx this Christmas? We got you!

Go to the movies: The cinema is the perfect place for that date, a hangout with friends and family or even an alone time. It is also a guaranteed happiness hub at this time of the year with lots of love and laughter in the air! We’ve have doubled your cinema fun this month so you pay half the price for every movie ticket you purchase any your FCMB debit card at any Filmhouse cinema. Yippee!

Travel/Visit an exciting place: If you’ve got no specific plans for the holiday, charge up your life by traveling to or visiting somewhere new. It might be a park, the museum, a resort or even a particular event you love!  Some families travel for the holidays and if yours is, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have some fun there. Read up on interesting places wherever you are and go sightseeing!

Be part of Christmas projects: Christmas season is the time most individuals and companies organize relief projects for the less privileged in the society, these projects are usually fun as you get to meet with different kinds of people and learn about their experiences. Organizers always need volunteers and you can start a relief project with your friends too.

Have a cooking spree: Yasss, the holidays affords you the time and resources for you to cook to your heart’s content. You might even pick up a skill or two along the way.

Chill with us on the Flexxzone: We know you’re going to spend more than half of your holiday break online so why not spend it with us? Download your Flexx app here to open your account and carry out seamless transactions wherever you are. Read up on interesting articles and get our curated with love saving tips here.

Happy holidays Flexxers!


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