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If you’re going to NYSC camp soon, this is for you

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NYSC released postings and call up letters for 2016 Batch B (stream 1) on Monday and the corps members to-be will be going to their respective orientation camps from Thursday. If you’re among the prospective corps members to answer the clarion call soon, here are some important things to note.

Necessary Documents: These should include your school ID card, NYSC call up letter, School certificate, Statement of Result, NYSC registration documents and printouts. Arrange them neatly in a file or clear bag for easy access and to avoid forgetting any of them. If you can, make photocopies (at least 5 of each) of all your documents from home because the price of everything triples camp, you will even pay to use a stapler or pen.

Travel: Most prospective corps members are posted to states they’ve never been before and as such, it is advisable that you avoid night travel, if your trip will roll into the night or take more than a day, make sure to ask the driver if he will stop somewhere and let everyone rest for the night. Better safe than sorry.

Get extra supplies: Yes, NYSC promises to give you kits and all but if you love yourself, get extra pairs of white shorts, shirts and sneakers. Also the kits they hand out are usually oversized, so look for someone with your size to exchange with or adjust them to your size at the Mami market. Don’t forget to write your name, number or initials on your kits.

Convenience: With the exception of a few good NYSC camps, most camps do not have good convenience outlets. The toilets are never enough for the horde of corps members so it’s usually messy, take lots of tissue and try to use the restroom when it isn’t crowded (Like very very early in the morning).

Dont worry, you’ll be fine and don’t forget to have loads of fun.

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