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Saving while in school? Yes you can!

We understand that flexxing as a student is a must, but you know that flexxing as an adult is even more important. How else can you do this than to be financially smart and money wise from the days of your youth? Here are some saving tips to help you grow into a financially independent flexxer!

Discipline yourself to save daily/weekly: Either get a piggy bank or have a purse where you throw any or particular amount of money daily/weekly. Imagine saving 100 NGN per day (weekdays only), that is  500 NGN per week, in a month that’s 2000 NGN and 24,000 NGN at the end of the year, woohoo!

Take advantage of your student card: Many businesses offer discounts and freebies to students, don’t dull! Always go around with your school ID card and ask if there are students discount available, the cinema is one fun place that always has discounts for students. Go have a swell time with your friends and also have leftover to save, here are some movies you can see.

Cut down on weekly turn ups: Most students complain that the money they have isn’t enough and they don’t have anything to save meanwhile they’re turning up every other friday. Discipline is key when saving as a student because there are many fun things to do, but there are also so many fun things to do in school that won’t break your pocket or piggybank, so reduce cash draining turn ups and save that extra cash instead.

Open a flexx account: These money saving tips won’t be worth the stress if you don’t have a flexx account to put all your savings. As a flexxer, being money wise includes saving your money in a reliable bank that offers you stress free banking at your fingertips, download your flexx app here and let your money do all the work for you.


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Cheers to a financially secure future! *clinks glass*

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  • Well spoken. But we must also understand that It isn’t easy to save as a student.
    My first year on campus was especially difficult. Almost ran into debt. To increase my chances of saving, I had to open a side business as a student.
    This worked out so well and by the time I was done with school, I was ready to financially take on the world. Nice post. Thanks.