8 easy businesses you can start on campus

If you’re tired of being broke halfway into the semester, then it is obviously time to take on a good business. Statistics show that most people who started a business while in school turned out to be millionaires later in life. So, if you’re ready to cash out while on campus, here are a few easy peasy businesses to start out with and don’t worry, they’re flexible and will not interfere with your school work.

Blogging. If you have a flair for writing, an ear for news, a stable internet connection and a laptop in good condition, then you should totally take on blogging. Write about the latest happenings, events,  juicy gossip on campus, and share on social media. That way, your blog receives enormous traffic thereby causing other businesses on campus to advertise on your blog. Or you can start out on an established platform like ours and get known for your expertise on juicy campus gists.

Groceries and Toiletries. A very lucrative business on campus is the sale of groceries popularly known as “provisions”. Toiletries are also a good addition. When all the mini marts are closed at night, your “store” should be the next point of call to meet the needs of the students who return to their hostels late at night tired and hungry.

Photocopying and sales of handouts. If there is one thing that cannot be separated from campuses in Nigeria, it is handouts. Volunteer to always be in charge of photocopying the handout when your lecturer gives it out. Interestingly, you can even start this business with no capital; simply have an arrangement with a photocopy center on campus that will allow you pay once you’ve made sales from your classmates.

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Tutorials. If you’re an A student needing extra cash, then tutoring is definitely a great option. Spread the word via your class rep and word of mouth but ensure your rates are friendly.

Catering. As silly as it sounds, catering is actually a service that pays well. A lot of of guys  (and even ladies) on campus may lack cooking skills or just do not enjoy the stress of cooking. You can take the stress off them by making their meals and earning yourself some yummy cash.

Fashion Retailing. As far as businesses on campus go, fashion retailing is the oldest in the book. While starting this business may cause you to save all of your allowance during the holidays, it is  guaranteed to pay off in the long run because students are known to never pass on an opportunity to change their wardrobes and purchase new fashion accessories.

Makeup services. The almighty “face slayers” are earning big bucks and so should you if you have a passion for beautifying others. With as little as 20,000 Naira, you can get your set of brushes and palettes to get you started . P.S: A bridal makeup can fetch you as much as 70,000 Naira!

Painting. This may require some level of skills and creativity but it is very profitable. When you do a very good job at giving others students rooms a face-lift, your services will surely be called for!

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