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Dance trends in Nigeria you probably missed!

The music industry in Nigeria is amazing! It has grown over time and we all are a part of the success of the industry. Here’s a list of classic dance trends we think were kings before the Dabs and Shakiti Bobos of today took over.

  • Galala – created by the Ghetto music legend, Daddy Showkey, This dance was the thang back in the days. The way your legs had to be moving from side to slide and forward just a bit made it so beautiful to dance and watch. From the song – “Galala no dey do them again….”
  • Suo – Daddy Showkey created Galala but somehow Danfo drivers found a way to give Galala a sister. The two dances just simply went well together. When you did the leg movements of Galala, Suo required that you pulled your hands as if you were to start a generator. Oh those days!
  • Yahooze – Argh!!! The song had a video that may still very well have the most cars in any Nigerian music video and they were hummer jeeps. Now to the dance, it was too cool, No stress, stay on a spot if you like and simply point your hands to the heaven rhythmically, with one finger up. Then you had to nod your head with your hands and smiled. Then the beat drops and doing this dance only just makes sense. Thank you Olu Maintain for this dance and song.
  • Alanta – By far, the most ridiculous dance ever is this Alanta. The dance instructions were literally, Open your hands like you want to fly away! No one could do this dance looking sane, you had to spoil your face else you simply weren’t killing it. It also required that you beat your chest and bring your tongue out. This one lasted for a while and we have Art Quake to thank.
  • Azonto – Azonto, popularized by the legendary Wizkid. Before you Ghanians kll me, we know that it’s a Ghanian tune and we respect the tune but Wizkid made it a thing! He killed it on his track, and the video was so sleek. In no time, it became the dance standard and we loved it because the freestyles one could do on it were divine.
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Which of these dance moves did you try?

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