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5 ways playing football is good for your body

Football (our American friends call it Soccer) is probably the most watched sport on earth. An interesting sport that involves 11 players on either side using their legs and heads (don’t even think of the hands if you are not the goalkeeper) to dribble, pass and shoot a ball. Football involves a lot of running, jumping and kicking, and as you would expect, is physically engaging. Here are some health benefits of playing football:

  1. Reduces body fat: football is usually played on large fields and you are constantly on the move while playing. The game involves every part of your body, so you burn fats rather quickly working several muscles.
  2. It helps your cardiovascular health: Since football keeps you active and moving, it engages your cardiovascular system; your heart and the entire circulatory system. This increases longevity, reduces susceptibility to heart diseases, osteoporosis, diabetes and other chronic diseases.
  3. It improves mental health: Playing football is about making quick decisions on who to pass the ball to or when and where to shoot in split seconds. This helps you remain mentally sharp. Football is not just a physical sport, it’s also a mental sport.
  4. It helps relieve stress: Instead of feeling fatigued and stressed all the time, playing football has proven to be helpful in relieving stress because of the adrenaline rush. Players are calmer, less prone to depression and aggressive behaviour in life outside the field.

Is football a favourite sport of yours? Let us know other benefits you enjoy in the comments section below.



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