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If you’re a business owner, avoid these customer service mistakes

Whether you’re a business owner or a loyal customer, you’ll have to agree that customer service has a huge influence on a business’s success and also grossly poses as the face of every business.  It is paramount to give an outstanding customer service always irrespective of what field of business you’re in and to also plant a positive impression on your customers and potential customers alike.

These are regular customer service mistakes and how you can avoid them.

  • Being frigid with business policies

Building cordial relationships with your customers for example, is a great strategy to boost the business’s reputation and sales too! Ensure to have a flexxible policy that both the staff and customers can enjoy!

  • Not properly training your staff

If your employees are not properly trained, you’ll lose customers on a daily basis. Create a template for how to address customers as they walk in or how to sustain a phone call with your customers.

  • Not listening to your customers 

Customer service requires you knowing what your customer wants and finding the best results for them. Knowing what they want means listening to their requests, complaints, critics and suggestions. These information can further be converted into quality service that the business could benefit from.

  • Not fulfilling promises

Never make promises to your customers if you business is unable to pull through with it. It breaks trust and your business will be marked unreliable. Your customer would be satisfied when you offer what you can the best way possible.

  • Sending robotic messages

Customers want to feel important and achieving that would mean communicating with them almost inter-personally. Sending bulk messages to your customers might be more convenient and faster but including a customer’s name or other unique data about them would be a good bit.

  • Not wanting to offer/include specific assistance 
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It’s a good thing when your business has grown successfully that you would require more assistance to attend to more customers. However, ignoring the need to appoint more hands whether in-house or sourcing for more customer service employees could reflect as a poor customer service if the already existing staff are unable to juggle so many customers.


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