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Types of colleagues you meet at the workplace

Most people spend the largest part of their time at their workplace and just like the outside world, you also find a lot of characters and personalities at the office and we tend to relate more with our favorite bunch.

Can you relate with this our list of characters you can find at your workplace or nah?


 Always the first to get all the latest gist and quite eager to whisper it to the next colleague whether true or false. He/she enjoys engaging in juicy conversations and updates. Sharing secrets or negative comments with such person(s) might be a bad idea because this would most likely boomerang later.


Need fashion tips, advice and hints on the latest trend? This character is your go-to guide. He/she is always looking sharp, and would readily take the trophy for best dressed person at the workplace.


 This character appears antisocial and less friendly but don’t take it to heart because the headphones help them get more productive rather than just disconnecting from the rest of the colleagues.


  • The workaholic

You never catch this colleague away from his/her desktop. Always meeting deadlines and loves getting more work to do.



Now you see them and now you don’t. He/she often show up and exchange formalities but you really have no clue what their role in the company is.


  • Mr clumsy
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This fellow drops almost everything, office files, a pen, mouse, or cellphone.



The Comedian


This colleague knows how to make the team laugh. He/she wins the hearts of people always and knows how to ease tension at the office. Good relationships are made with this character. However, be careful when laughing so you don’t lose concentration or fall back on work deadlines.


Who’s your favorite co-worker and which one are you? Share in the comment section below!

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