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Cool sunglasses flexxers are definitely rocking this year

Sunglasses were designed to protect the eyes from harsh sun rays before they became a huge fashion accessory for both male and female flexxers. Thankfully, they still serve those purposes.

There are several shapes, sizes and colors that will leave you drooling as you shop, but these carefully selected frames in both metal and plastic are the biggest glasses trend this year!


  • Extreme Cat eye frames
via Instagram

Designers are interestingly creating more angular frames this year with sharper edges to give a funky retro feel.


  • Long skinny glasses

These frames are a huge success and instagrammers have embraced the trend since celebs like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner rocked them.


  • Small round frames
via instagram/Poshkollect


Tiny round frames popularized by John Lennon in the 1960s are back this year!

  • Designer frames
via instagram/tokemakinwa


The designers pride in using their brand name as an intricate part of the frames’ design.

  • Oversize Round Glasses
via Instagram/poshkollect

These are extra bug-like glasses and they effectively cover from brows to cheeks against sun stings.


  • Rectangular-shaped glasses
    via instagram luchyscloset

If you’re not into the extreme cat glasses, these are a more subtle substitute

  • Dropped temples
    via Instagram

The handles of the glasses are dropped on each side and they are here to stay.

  • Colored frames
    via instagram poshkollect

We are talking about colors that pop!

  • Bejeweled sunglasses
  • via Instagram/Poshkollect

From beads to rhinestones and even precious stones are fixed around the frames to literally bedazzle you.

  • Semi-rimless frames
Via Instagram


The designers stylishly exclude half of the rims of these glasses and we absolutely love them.

  • Mirror shades
Via Instagram

These shades protect your eyes and also serve as a mirror to onlookers!

  • Rimless glasses
    via Instagram

The designers present to you just the lenses, who needs a rim when your glasses are flawless?

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So Flexxer, which of these trendy glasses have you started rocking this year or which one will you be rocking?


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