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9 small business ideas university students are trying out this year.

It is known that you do not need a lot of money to start your own business and as a Flexxer, figuring what you can do best and developing strategies of making money through it is a paramount goal. Take a look at 9 promising small business ideas that you could choose from.


  • 1. Blogging/Vlogging

It is fairly easy to start your own blog where you can share your skills, experiences or personal views. Vlogging grooms you to be camera friendly and also boosts your presentation skills. Making money from blogging comes with some terms and conditions according to the platforms used. Set aside time every week to post new content on the site.  Consistency is key in order to have a successful career off blogging.

  • 2. Interior Decorating

Decorating a home is a fun business to venture and is also quite lucrative. However, it is a very tough and competitive region that could be hard to run through. Interior design is also becoming highly sophisticated due to digital designs and other specialized methods that are getting more relevant to the business.

  • 3. Tutoring

There’s an insatiable need for tutors of all age grades, even adults are not left out from learning. If you’ve mastered a subject while schooling or a skill you’re remarkably good at, you can consider tutoring on that. Send emails or visit academic centers or local schools, especially private ones, and you can also offer home lessons.


  • 4. Freelance Writing


The are several writing opportunities for both traditional and electronic publications. Submitting fresh articles to these media outlets could afford you the right recognition. Online media is more receptive to freelance content and it also shapes your writing style. Use sites like Medium to create a portfolio for your works. Businesses search for content writers daily to help attract potential costumers with well-written articles that heralds the business motives.

  • 5. Photography
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Taking pictures is unarguably a part of daily routines around the world and it is one of the simplest businesses to start. you can turn your room into a studio or better still use an outdoor scenery. choose a specialty (what kind of pictures you want to take) and master the art. The competition could be tough so develop a means of promoting your services using outstanding marketing strategies and you will definitely earn an income.

  • 6.  Soap and Lotion Production
    Many flexxers are enjoying the benefits of soap and cream production. A lot of income is made producing these skincare kits to interested costumers. Learning the skill is inexpensive and there are variations of products according to skin types, skin problems and skin goals.
  • 7. Errand Services

Many businesses today rely on delivery services to transport their products to costumers safely and on time. Running errands for businesses is on high demand and you could charge such businesses on an hourly basis or per product, location, etc.

  • 8. Vintage Clothing Business

Selling of vintage clothing and items could gain you up to twice the amount of purchase rate. The competition is slim and you don’t necessarily require a physical store to sell your items. Create online galleries and often put up discounts to foster more sales to the business.


  • 9. Makeup Artistry 

This skill gives a high demand for makeup artists at wedding, birthdays, photo shoots, etc. Mastering the use of makeup products are easily attained through video tutorials and most weekends will get you fully booked and stacked with clients. Referrals are easy to get it your job is well done.


If you’re giving starting any of these businesses a thought, then you should open your Flexx account here ASAP!

Here are also some common mistakes you should avoid when starting up a business.

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