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The amazing versatility of petroleum jelly, did you know you could use it for these things?

Petroleum jelly has proven to be an iconic formula in many households over the years. It is a go-to product everyone should have on their cabinet as it can be used for multiple purposes. Here are some uses of petroleum jelly you probably didn’t know about.

  • As eyelashes moisturizer 
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Applying a generous amount of petroleum jelly to your eyelashes everyday will allow them grow, get thicker and more moisturized.


  • Lip balm

In dry season, petroleum jelly revives cracking lips. It also serves as a lip gloss to soften the lips and remove dead skin


  • Heals bruises

Petroleum jelly was very useful during the World War for healing wounds and burns and you can still use it to sooth such wounds today.


  • Stuck zippers

Zips on your clothes and bags could get stuck sometimes and are often difficult to work with. Run your fingers on the zip with petroleum jelly and the zip becomes good as new because it helps to ease the friction.


  • Makes your perfume last all day

Applying petroleum jelly on your neck and wrists before spraying your favorite cologne makes it last longer than the usual.


  • Makeup remover

Put cotton balls or Q-tips into petroleum jelly and gently apply to expel make-up from around your eyes and face, your face becomes smooth and supple when you follow up with a face wash.


  • Polish glossy shoes and leather

Clean your dusty shoes with petroleum jelly, it revives the gloss and shine of your shoes. It applies to only glossy or leather materials.

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Are there other cool ways you use petroleum jelly? Share with other Flexxers like you in the comments section!

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