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How to resign from your job without burning bridges

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Resigning from a job can be pretty hard especially when you know that you are an important part of the business and nobody wants you to leave.

Sometimes, quitting a job position can be a rather unpleasant experience, however, resigning from your work place can be done with mutual acceptance and our tips below can show you how.

  1. Give due notice: Give a notice about a month before you leave to your boss, that way he would be properly prepared for your resignation, theres nothing worse than a very short notice or leaving on the job.
  2. Inform other employees: When informing your colleagues, don’t make it feel like an encouragement for them to leave too, let them understand that it’s a personal decision.
  3. Remain positive and act professionally: Just because you are leaving your work place does not mean that you should change your attitude toward work and coworkers.
  4. Don’t see it as an opportunity to start speaking out on past problems: Maybe you have reasons to say ugly things about people and your experience at the workplace, however, if you must pass across some feedback to help the management do better, be very cordial about it.
  5. Sit down and have a reasonable conversation with your boss: If your boss is trying to reason things out with you, you should be open to the conversation and listen to whatever he or she has to say.
  6. Get a good reference from your boss: This will help you in your new place of work or during your job search. Recruiters make it a point of duty to call former bosses so as a to get a good impression of who they’re hiring, you want your past boss to say nice things about you.
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We hope these tips will help you make informed decisions about quitting. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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