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Flexxer’s guide to relieving stress

People often encounter stress from time to time, which could lead to side-effects like headaches, depression, fatigue, etc. Stress can surface from a personal or socio-economical angle and it certainly takes a toll on the individual.


We’ve compiled a few tips and activities to help redirect the mind to activities that help reduce stress.


Listen to soft music

Songs are known to lighten the mood. Just pick your favourite playlist, artiste, or genre and enjoy the mix; perhaps you could swing in a few dance moves while you’re at it!


Baths are therapeutic

After a long and hectic day, baths are necessary to relax the nerves by regulating body temperature. And everyone can agree to feeling better after a nice bath.


Organize your activities in sections

If your daily schedule is proving hectic, list the tasks into sections according to time and location. After each work is done, ticking over each task gives a feeling of accomplishment.


Take a walk

If your current location is causing you stress at that moment, you can take a brief walk to circulate the blood and also catch a breather.



You can meditate by taking breathing exercises. Long deep inhales and slow gentle exhales will do the trick. You can also practice yoga or research on ancient Asian meditation techniques.


Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep at night if you can’t take short naps during the day. 8 hours a day to keep the frown lines away!

Remember whatever is weighing you down is only temporary. Appreciate life and focus on the things you’re most grateful for.

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Feel free to add more tips on how you deal with stress!

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