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Don’t wait till last minute to hustle for your rent, start saving for it now!

Hello Flexxxer,

As young adults who are just trying to plant a sure footing in career and adult life, we are sometimes suddenly thrust with responsibilities that we never used to bother about because our parents/guardians took care of them.

One of such responsibilities is paying house rent, some people move out of their parents’ house when they start working or they chip in to support their parents with the house rent, whichever your case is, start saving for the next rent due date now!

For most people, rent expires at the end of each year and that is one of the most busiest periods of the year with all the celebrations. So, how do you ensure you don’t run helper skelter trying to gather money to pay your rent at the moment it’s due for payment? You start saving now.

Yes, start saving for it now!

Set a separate saving goal aside for rent; if your rent is due in a couple of months, our guide here on saving to achieve your goal in 6 months will help you.

To achieve your saving goals, an account that will make your money grow, give you the best saving tips and offer opportunities for you to win cash and gift prizes is very essential. The Flexx account ticks and surpasses this checklist so open yours here right now in 4 minutes and start living a worry free life.

Remember, it is never too late to start saving!

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