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Makeup cheats that cost less and saves time

When it comes to make up and looking stunning, you don’t need to be a pro, have overly expensive makeup products or spend long hours applying make up.

The following cheat codes will have you looking good in less time and lesser money.

  • Apply a white base to make your colorful eye shadow pop
    Via Listotic
  • Get a full/false eyelash look without applying false eyelash: To achieve this, simply apply multiple coats of mascara on your lashes.
    Via Groupon
  • Prevent mascara from staining your eyelid:
    Via Listotic

    Use a card or even a spoon to cover your eyelid then apply mascara on your lashes. You’re welcome

  • Make your lipstick last longer:
    Via Avoskin

    By putting a single page of tissue on it and applying powder, this will make your lipstick matte and it’ll stay the whole day.

  • Know the type of brows to draw based on the shape of your head.
    Via Listotic


    Got any other makeup hack we missed? Share with us and other Flexxers like you in the comments section.

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