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Lucrative fashion skills to learn ASAP!

Fashion is timeless and can never go out of ‘fashion’, this makes it a very good source of business ideas and an avenue to make lots of money.

The fashion industry is filled with so many opportunities and skills to learn. If you’re a fashionista and would love to create some amazing fashion works, here are some skills to learn.

Fashion accessories making There are many options for fashion accessories, you can learn beads making, wire works, hair clips, hair bands, fascinators, wrist bangles, ear rings, neck laces, chokers and so much more. The winner of the first edition of #FlexxYourCreativity, Ruth Akinola is a fashion accessories maker. Read her interview here to learn how #FlexxYourCreativity was able to help her grow her business.

Bag making

Via Nigerian Facts

Few things compliment a good outfit like a very good bag, so it’s a must for most people and this makes it a good skill to have. Creative youths now make bags out of almost anything be it Ankara, Aso Oke or even beads.

Fashion Design Everyone wears clothing items irrespective of their tribe and style so fashion design is a definite cash cow plus it’s so much fun!

Hair making Hair making is one very lucrative fashion skill too. You can learn how to make braids, fix weaves or even make wigs.

Makeup Everyone wants to look their best at all times and this is one of the major reasons why makeup is an all time hot skill to learn.

If you also have one or more of the skills listed above (specifically Fashion accessories, Makeup and Hairstyling) and you’re between the ages of 16- 25 years, you can win cash prizes and exposure to start/grow your business in the ongoing FCMB #FlexxYourCreativity 2.0 contest.

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There’s a total of NGN 600,000, participation in the FCMB Dare2Dream master class and opportunity to work with the Dare2Dream models to be won. You can enter for the competition here.

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