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These simple and cheap tips will make your skin glow

When it comes to skin care, Flexxers take the lead because appearance is very important for young adults.

Most people think taking care of your skin is very expensive, this is not true in most cases, the best things to use on your skin are natural ingredients which are very affordable. The following skin care tips will make your skin glow in no time.

Wash regularlyRegular bathing and cleaning of the skin gets rid of impurities and dirts gotten from pollution thereby making the skin clear and fresh. Don’t you just feel super refreshed after a shower?

Drink water Water is one of the best things that can ever happen to your skin, it cleans your inside and makes the skin fresh and glow. Check out the other amazing benefits of water in our post here

Eat fruit and vegetables (healthy)

We can’t stress the importance of eating healthy and well. Fruits and vegetables are super for fresh and glowing skin.

Get adequate sleep Getting regular and adequate sleep is essential for healthy looking skin because the body cells work very hard to repair and detox your skin when you’re asleep. Daily recommended sleeping hours is 8 hours, ensure you sleep in a conducive environment so you wake up feeling good.

Moisturize your skin

Regular creaming and moisturizing does a whole world of good to the skin, it keeps the skin healthy and supple, treats dry or oily skin and makes it glow. Ensure you apply creams that are good at protecting your skin against pollution and sun rays and are also void of harmful chemicals that can damage the skin.

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