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Things to do during heavy rainfall or flooding.

We are currently in the rainy season and the past few weeks has been a wet one with the rain pouring down almost everyday, due to this, there was flooding incidents in Lagos, Niger states and some other parts of the country.

Heavy rains can be very dangerous and as health conscious young people, we should take the following precautions when there’s a very heavy downpour or flooding.

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Find somewhere dry to stay: If you’re caught on the road when the downpour started, get a shade or somewhere dry to stay immediately, staying long or walking in the rain can give cold or cause an accident especially if vehicles ply that route.

Be alert: Watch out for heavy rains and flooding sounds, have access to information portals like the internet, radio, TVs and the rest to stay abreast of all latest news so you can know what’s happening where and how to prepare.

Switch off all electrical appliances: Water and plugged in electrical appliances do not go together, it can cause damage to the appliances and shocking and electrocution to humans, so ensure you switch them off once the rain is getting too much and entering the apartment.

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Avoid walking in flood waters: This is not only unhealthy, it is also dangerous as the tide of the water can cause you to fall in and drown, also you can step on sharp objects or into holes and ditches in the roads that the water has covered up.

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Avoid driving in flooded waters: This can spoil your car and trap you in so find somewhere high to park and stay till the rain an flooding reduces.

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Got any other tips for staying safe during a heavy downpour or flooding? Share with us in the comments section.

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