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3 CV mistakes and how to avoid them

More often than not, your CV is your first contact with a recruiter and it is important that you get it right. Here are some common CV mistakes people make and how to correct/avoid them.

  1. Typos and errors: This is a number a major CV mistake that must be avoided at all costs, typos and errors make you look unprofessional and unserious even before the recruiters meet with you one on one. Ensure you go over your CV three times or more to make sure you haven’t misspelled a word, used the wrong adjective or 10 different font types. Also give someone your CV to proof read before you send to recruiters.
  2. Skipping important information: We know people say less is more in CV writing but don’t let important information and appropriate dates be the “extra” you take off your CV. You don’t know what will pique the attention of recruiters. For example, you might feel it’s not important to mention an internship position that you did while in school or a small time gig you took up while waiting for NYSC or to get a job but the skills you gained in those places might be what recruiters are looking for.
  3. Employment gaps and date mix ups: Gaps in employment dates raises warning bells and makes recruiters wonder what you were doing then. If you were schooling and couldn’t work for a while, ensure the date in your education history section tallies with the gaps in your job history section. Also arrange your schooling and work history section in chronological order to avoid confusing the recruiters.


Remember, If you can’t put all necessary and important information in your CV, put them in your cover letter.  The #FlexxCareerSeries has all the best tips and more that will definitely land you your dream job, start watching here now!

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