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Current fashion trends that used to be hot back in the days

If there’s one thing Flexxers are good at, it is keeping up with latest fashion trends. Most of us probably think these are new trends, no doubt some are new but a lot of them are old trends that just got revived/reinvented because fashion and style never dies or get old. Here are some trending fashion styles that actually aren’t new at all.

  1. The Off/Cold shoulder style
Off shoulder dress Via pinterest
Briggite Bardot via Pinterest
Brigitte Bardot via webelieveinstyle

 Although everyone knows it as the off shoulder style now, it is still known as the “Bardot” style in common fashion quarters. Named after popular 1950s & 60s french actress and fashion model Brigitte Bardot. Bardot’s signature looks involved off shoulder tops and dresses and tons of women rocked it then and as you can see, we’re all rocking it now as well.  

2. The cat eyes look

Via Youtube


  Also known as the Cat eyeliner/winged eyeliner style, this is one iconic look that we’re sure can never go out of fashion.

An effigy of Cleopatra via

The cat eye look has been in existence for as long the 50 BCs when Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt would line her eyes with kohl liner, naturally other egyptian women followed suit and it was a hot look then as it has been through the years and till date.

3. Platform shoes

Via Polyore

We love wearing heels but most importantly we love wearing comfortable heels and one of such is the platform heels and it’s several variations i.e the chunky sole heels which are very comfy and are super trending right now.  

Illustration of the Platform shoes worn in 220 B.C via Refinery29

Although different variations of platform shoes go as far back as 220 B.C when Greek actors and royals wore them, it was in the 1970s that these shoes truly became fashion statements with the development of disco shoes and since then shoemakers have been dazzling us with different types of stunning platform shoes.

4. Wigs

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Wigs are the trendiest form of hairstyles now with people making different types and we have the Egyptians to thank for it.

Ancient Egyptian wig via Tumblr

The ancient Egyptians created wigs to shield their shaved, hairless heads from the hot sun, that’s where we also got the popular “fringe” hairstyle inspiration from. Many other cultures also used wigs in the 16th till the 20th centuries and now most of us wear wigs as everyday fashion.


Know any other latest fashion trend from way back that we missed in this post? Share in the comments section and we will update. We love hearing from you!

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