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How to make money with your social media

As a financially smart Flexxer, you should know there are several ways of making some extra bucks while in school, serving or working. Are you very active on social media and have a lot of following? Do you get tons of engagement on your posts? Here are some ways to make some cool cash with your social media platforms.

Social media influencing: Lots of brands, individuals and websites contract social media influencers to help create awareness and publicize their brands. Creating and effectively jumping on trends to bring attention to the brand you’re influencing for will add to your credibility and bring more gigs your way.

Social media brand management: Brands nowadays employ people who are adept at social media usage to manage their social media accounts and more than half of the time, this is usually done remotely (so you can combine it with school or work).

Brand ambassadors: Thanks to the power of social media, brands are now opting for people who are able to influence using their social media as their brand ambassadors unlike before where only celebrities and popular people were used. You can be a brand’s student ambassador and help promote their activities and products in your school and online.

Got other ways of making money using your social media? Flexxers like you want to know, share in the comments section now!

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