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Tech skills you can pickup while in school

The saying ‘Tech is the future’ cannot be overemphasized, technological inventions are the hallmark of this generation and this has afforded us the opportunity to achieve a lot of things. That being said, experts posits that tech job vacancies will double in the next couple of years, no matter your course of study, you’ll never go amiss with the knowledge of 1 or 2 tech skills.

Programming (Coding): What’s your favourite app? Did you know someone built it?  The world of tech is full of programmers who build mobile and desktop apps, websites and blogs. There are tons of coding classes online that can get you started on this.

Graphic design: Most of the visual (images) and websites layout you see online are made by graphic designers. They create and manipulate images to convey information to the public. Corel draw, Photoshop and Sketch (Macbook) apps are great software tools to use for graphic design

Hardware repairs: Got a knack for fixing stuff? Always googling how to repair your devices instead of taking them to the engineers? Why don’t you take it a step further and take online or apprenticeship classes from hardware engineers and be your own boss in no time. This is a good way to make extra money while in school.

Digital/Online marketing: There are some aspects of digital and online marketing that are strongly tech led and these are for the most part the aspects where less people focus on and as such there is always a high demand for people with these schools. Programmatic advertising, specific platform management, analytics and the rest are some of such aspects. Online resources like Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint are good places to start with this.

Content development: Writing is a universal skill, it is essential in almost all jobs but in tech, it gives you an added advantage if you’re able to properly articulate yourself and services properly. In the tech world, people are hired or sourced to help with this so if you have a flair for writing, start honing it now and it just might be your meal ticket in the future.

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Let us know which tech skill you’ll be picking up on in the comments section.

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