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Important skills every job seeker should possess

We gave you all the best tips for getting your dream job in our #FlexxCareerSeries here, from crafting the perfect CV, cover letter to dressing to interviews and also interview etiquettes. There are however some skills which are vital for every job seeker.

  1. Communication skills  Being able to communicate effectively with everyone in and outside work is very important irrespective of your work industry. Communication in this content is not limited to the verbal context alone, it also extends to written aspect especially via emails, texts and social media. In perfecting your communication skills, you must learn how to listen, composed,  know how to use your body language, be clear and concise (don’t beat around the bush), be friendly, confident, open-minded and empathic, always give feedback and least but not last, always know the right medium to use in passing across your information.
  2. Computer literacy skills It’s the 21st century and groundbreaking innovations are made daily as such, Computer Literacy is considered to be a very important skill to possess. The least any job seeker right now should have is basic computer skills because most companies are dependent on computers to carry out a lot of tasks faster, cheaper and more effectively.  As a young job seeker, you should possess at least 2 or more of the following computer skills Microsoft Office, proficiency in Spreadsheets/Excel, usage of PowerPoint, Emails, web and Social Skills, Graphic and Writing Skills amongst others.
  3. Negotiation skills
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Negotiation is a good way of settling differences, reaching a compromise or agreement without argument or dispute. It is a very vital skill for job seekers because the workplace is filled with all kinds of people with different ideologies and personalities, having a negotiation skill helps you have a good working relationship with everyone without quarrels. Most importantly negotiation skills help you get the best or most beneficial (to both parties involved) outcome of any deal or discussion. Having good negotiation skills will endear you to both clients and bosses, general negotiation skills can be learned and applied in a wide range of activities especially during salary discussions.  The principles of fairness, seeking mutual benefit and maintaining a relationship are keys to achieving successful outcomes during negotiations.


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