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Here are some really cool benefits of water you should know about

You probably grew up listening to the soft tunes of Fela chanting “Water, e no get enemy” on the radio. Water is priceless and indispensable to everyone but apart from cooking, filling our tummy and satisfying our thirst, did you know water has so many other benefits that it offers the body? Read on to find out why you should drink more water.


Water for clearer and smoother skin

Water cleanses the body of certain toxins that causes the skin to inflame and bring out pimples, that’s why most doctors and skin specialists recommend drinking a lot of water if you want to combat pimples and have smoother younger looking skin.  Water also flushes out waste from the body system through sweat and urination and this which reduces the risk of some infections and makes the body function properly.

Brain function

Did you know that almost 75% of the brain is composed of water?  Drinking water fosters clear thinking, good focus and concentration, what’s even better? It also boosts energy levels and makes the body function at its best which makes you feel wonderful and happy!

Water for weight loss

Water is one of the most endorsed constituents of dieting for weight loss, it not only removes by-products of fat in the body, it also reduces the amount of food you can eat by filling up your stomach and making you less hungry (this is usually more effective if the water is consumed meals). It also increases your metabolism and guess what? It has zero calories too! Go fit fam!

There are so many wonderful benefits of water to the body and that’s why we’re always advised to drink lots of water, however, do not drink too much water so as to avoid some health complications. The recommended cups/glasses of water to consume in a day is 8 cups of water which equals about 2 litres or half a gallon.


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We want to learn from you too, share other benefits of water that you know in the comments section!

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