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Using social media for your small business

As a small business owner, you must take advantage of every available medium to grow your business and build relationships that will help you, especially if these mediums cost less or are free.

Social Media is one of such great mediums and it’s so powerful because more than half of your target audience are almost always on it. Here are some ways to use social media to advance your business.

Awareness creation: Now more than ever, people take to social media to get information about a lot of things, so use your social media to create awareness about your business, get your friends and family to share with their online friends. You can also run giveaways, contests or promote your content to reach even more people.

Customer service: Social media has helped create a channel for consumers to communicate with brands. Due to this, most consumers now make inquiries, commendations, recommendations and lodge complaints via the social media. So you can carry out your customer service duties on your social media platforms.

Point of sales/customer acquisition: You can also sell your goods and services via social media, there are tons of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter vendors now. Customers make payments to you and you send the goods/services to them. This has made many brands acquire new customers, retain old ones and upgrade their businesses.

Relationships building and maintenance: Social media affords you the opportunity of building and maintaining meaningful relationships with people, mentors and pace setters in your field who will impact your business positively.

Monitoring of competition and trends: Social media is your best bet to knowing what your competition is up to and what is new in the industry. You can keep track of campaigns, trends and updates in your sector. 

Got other ways you use social media for your small business? Share with us and other Flexxers like you in the comments section!

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