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Here’s how Flexx helped this young Nigerian Entrepreneur


Ruth Akinola had always been a go-getter, a young business oriented entrepreneur, she started her fashion accessories business as a student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. She started on a small scale because she didn’t have the means to purchase the machine (FABRIC CUTTER) to produce in bulk. This has always affected her business as she couldn’t keep up with the orders (she was that good), making the accessories by hand was strenuous, time-consuming and she really needed to focus on school.

Now, Ruth had the great advantage of being a Flexxer and our promise at Flexx is to usher our Flexxers into a world of financial possibilities where they can make smart money decisions and grow their businesses. Ruth got exclusive access to one of our competitions “FlexxYourCreativity” where she was able to successfully wow our judge with her skills as an excellent fashion accessories maker and she won the grand prize of 150,000 NGN.

She was beside herself with joy and now Ruth not only has her Fabric cutter, she has been able to officially register her business and is working on her website as well. Read our full interview with Ruth here.


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