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One sure way to be a millionaire this year

Need money to fund your campus business or even Flexx well this year?

You’re in luck because the 4th season of our FCMB Millionaire’s promo just kickstarted and you can win either 1 or 2 million Naira including other mouthwatering gifts such as LED TVs, Generating sets, Tablets, Phones, and Decoders.

How to win?

Simply save N10,000.00 in your Flexx FCMB account and maintain it for 30 days to automatically qualify for the Zonal and Regional electronic selection of winners in May, July, and September where the prize of N1 Million and other freebies will be won. The more you save, the higher your chances of winning.

To be among the 4 lucky people to win N2 Million each in the grand finale draws in November, just increase your account balance savings to N50, 000.00, and maintain for 30 days. Multiple savings of N50, 000.00 will also increase your chances of winning.

This year’s season runs from March 1st to October 30th, don’t have a Flexx account yet? Open one here now and get ready to be a millionaire!


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