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5 cool facts about Valentine that you didn’t know

Love, happiness and warm smiles are some of the major features of Valentine and we are all giddy from the feelings.

What do you know about one of the most cherished events/day ever? We found some cool facts to share with you.

  1. Second most populous day for exchange of cards: The Greeting Card Association has stated that over 1 billion cards are exchanged every Valentine’s Day, thereby making it the second most popular day for greeting card exchange, with Christmas being the first.
  2. There’s an anti-Valentine day: Since Valentine’s day is assigned for showing love and a lover’s day, some people have created a Singles Awareness Day (SAD) to celebrate single people on the 15th of February, however, some people choose to celebrate it on the 14th of February. The Singles Awareness Day chosen by singles to exchange gifts with their other single friends as well as host different types of singles events for people to meet and greet.
  3. Juliet may be dead but she still gets the most Valentine letters: Who remembers the one of the most epic love story characters, Romeo and Juliet? The Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare’s lovers Romeo and Juliet lived is home to thousands of letter every valentine. Every Valentine’s Day, not less than 1000 letters are sent to ‘Juliet’ in Verona. The letters are currently been replied by  Club di Giulietta (Juliet Club),  they also award a prize ‘Cara Giulietta’ (‘Dear Juliet’) for the most compelling letter received during the year.
  4. Valentine’s day put the X in XOXO: Did you know the X you’re always putting in your texts and letters with friends originated from the Valentine period in the olden days where most people couldn’t write their names in their Valentine letters so they signed with an X symbol and kissed it.
  5. The second best time for proposals: The second most popular time of the year for proposals and engagements is the Valentine period with as many as 6 million people getting engaged on Valentine’s day. Christmas period is the first most popular period for proposals.

Happy Valentine’s Day Flexxer.

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