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Life after the contest. #FlexxYourCreativity second runner up Anita Ejah shares with us

We had an exciting time interviewing the second runner up of the #FlexxYourCreativity contest; Anita Ejah. She shared with us on the exciting times she’s had after the contest and how the competition has served as a springboard towards future successes for her business. Read on to know more on what she shared with us

Tell us about yourself

My name is Ejah Anita. I am an upcoming fashion designer_ the creative designer for Annies. I am into the production of bags and purses. For sometime now, I have been making beaded bags and purses until recently when I subsumed leather bags and purses to my brand.

Where did the idea/concept for this business stem?

I love fashion, most especially fashion accessories and the fact that they can make a boring outfit look beautiful. It all started when I was in secondary school, I used to help an aunt work on beaded bags and purses. I made my first beaded bag and got compliments from everyone. Ever since I’ve been making and selling beaded bags.

Tell us about life after the #FlexxYourCreativity contest

FlexxYourCreativity contest not only empowered me with the cash prize I won, it also inspired me to do more with my growing brand. I got to see opportunities that I never knew were there, I got to see how far I could go with my business. It shed a light on what I do; on what Annies is all about.

There are other people in this field, what set your business apart?

What sets Annies apart from other brands is our unique choice of materials, our choice of colours and particularly our intricate designs. Every piece from Annies has a unique signature. Our products are very durable and versatile. Our designs are timeless and meet every woman’s taste. 

During the #FlexxYourCreativity contest, you told us some things you would do if you won the grand prize of NGN150, 000, tell us what you’ve done with the prize you won? 

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So far, I have been able to remodel my brand starting it off as a business in bag designs. I am currently acquiring new skills on leather bags designs and I am learning quite fast.

How has the #FlexxYourCreativity contest impacted your business?

The FlexxYourCreativity contest brought a big attention to my business. It gave me the opportunity of meeting other designers and also getting to learn valuable tips for growing my business. It has given me more insight to what I want my business to become.

What has patronage been like for your business after the #FlexxYourCreativity contest?

Patronage has been really great. It has doubled, in fact tripled. The FlexxYourCreativity contest has increased the value of my products.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, I see Annies becoming a popular fashion brand with the production of shoes and bags. That’s my dream for Annies. I see Annies creating opportunities for other upcoming designers and creating job opportunities too.

What’s your advice to other talented Flexxers like you but are too afraid to take the next step?

My advice to other talented Flexxers and to other talented designers is that they should come out of their shell, they should not be afraid to show their talents. We were all born with talents to make the world a brighter and better place to live in. There are opportunities out there and they are for people who are ready to to seize them. Don’t wait any longer start now

Thank you for your time and we wish you all the very best in your future endeavours

Thank you very much for having me.

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