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5 things every corps member hates about NYSC

Via nysconline

When you ask people about their service year, you’ll get conflicting replies. Some people loved it, some people hated it while some people are indifferent but one thing they all have in common is their hatred for the following.

  1. The oversized uniform: This is you when you first try on your NYSC uniform in Camp 
Via Nairaland


2. Camp routine: Sleep by 12 am, wake up by 3 am, drills, the march pass. Ahan!

Via Dudunorth
Via Gistoscope
Via Gistoscope

Kuku kill us

3. The queues: This is the absolute worst, queueing to get food, to collect alawee, to sign, to breathe…

Via Monty
Via Monty

4. The lectures: NYSC lectures are such snooze fests and we so hate that we’re forced to attend them. 

Via Ynaija
Via Ynaija

Is this you when it is lecture time or nah?

5. Everyone calling you corper and Otondo: LOL yes, once you don the green white green your name automatically changes to “Otondo, Corper”. Everyone you know and don’t know will call you this.

Via Twitter
Via Twitter

Stop it!

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