The Flexxer’s guide to flawless nail painting.

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t really afford a manicure and you decide to paint your nails by yourself or you ask your friend to help and after the process, it looks like you poured the paint on your hands and fingers?

Yeah, we hate it too and that’s why we’re giving you our secret to perfect “no smudging or smearing” nail painting. Just follow the instructions below …

  1. Wipe old paints off: dip cotton wool in your nail remover and swab your nail and cuticles properly.
  2. Vaseline is our secret weapon: Apply vaseline to your cuticle area and skin around your nails; you can either use a cotton bud or your finger to apply it. Vaseline prevents paint from sticking to your skin and cuticle; avoid getting any of the vaseline unto your actual nail, else the paint you apply won’t stick to your nail as well.
  3. Apply fresh coat of paint on nails: gently apply your paint to your nails. Some people like to apply a base transparent coating before applying the paint colour they want while others just apply the paint straight.
  4. Clean skin area and cuticle: you can either use a cotton wool or tissue to wipe the vaseline off your skin and cuticle but you have to be careful to not let it touch your freshly painted nails. Another alternative is waiting for the coat of paint to dry and then washing your hands with water; you can also just spread the vaseline to your palm and rub it over your hands.
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Thank me later:)

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