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How to get rich and not die trying

You’d love to leave the “e go better” phase and actually move to the more fun part of life where it’s all comfy right? We thought so too! These personal attributes can push you into the league of ballers.

  1. Practise self-restraint. Self-restraint will save you from running into ridiculous debt and help increase your savings. Be assertive and have the balls to stick to your decisions.
  2. Be creative. Ideas rule the world. Constantly think of ways to make and save money in any circumstance.
  3. Learn to save. There’s no such thing as “chicken change” because every Kobo Savings should never be underrated.
  4. Hang out with people better than you. If you hang around 9 rich people, then you’re bound to be the tenth one. Your association is tied to your elevation. Pick associates whose behaviours are better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.

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